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#00 Steel Wool
(B60103, AVA)

#000 Steel Wool
(B60102, AVA)

#0000 Steel Wool
(B60101, AVA)

10" Green Vehicle Wash Brush
(B20124, AVA)

12" Wheel Spoke & Grill Brush
(B40103, AVA)

18.9 L Wash Bucket Grate
(B20143, AVA)

1L HD Auto Valet Screen Printed Sprayer Bottle
(B10110, AVA)

1L HD Sprayer Tower Bottle
(B10108, AVA)

2 x 1 GPM & 1 x 3.5 GPM Proportioner
(C10623, AVA)

30" HD Black Floor Squeegee
(B90101, AVA)

4" Air Blow Gun
(C10200, AVA)

4½" Round Wheel Brush
(B20121, AVA)

5" Round Dust Brush
(B40302, AVA)

50/50 One Step
(820, AVP)

PDS(fr) PDS(en)

6" Grip High Flex Backing Plate
(B60307, AVA)

60" Aluminum Handle
(B90104, AVA)

60" Tapered Wooden Handle
(B90105, AVA)

60" Wooden Handle / Metal Furl
(B20131, AVA)

7" Blue Medium Cut Foam Pad
(B60336, AVA)

7" Green Extra Heavy Cut Foam Pad
(B60334, AVA)

7" Knitted Wool Pad Short-Nap
(B60339, AVA)

7" Micro-Fiber Polishing Pad
(B60340, AVA)

7" Orange Light Cut Foam Pad
(B60337, AVA)

7" Red Polishing Foam Pad
(B60338, AVA)

70 mm Cap Wrench
(B10309, AVA)

7” Yellow Heavy Cut Foam Pad
(B60335, AVA)

8" Detail Brush
(B40215, AVA)

Acid Resistant Vehicle Wash Brush
(B20122, AVA)

All-In-One Chemical Transfer Pump
(B10503, AVA)

Aluminum Drum Wrench
(B10511, AVA)

Aqua Shield
(156, AVP)

PDS(fr) PDS(en)

Auto Gleam
(115, AVP)

PDS(fr) PDS(en)

Auto Valet Multi-Product Detailing Station
(C50100, AVA)

PDS(fr) PDS(en)

Auto Wash
(110, AVP)

PDS(fr) PDS(en)

Bead Builder
(832, AVP)

PDS(fr) PDS(en)

Bi-Level Vehicle Wash Brush
(B20125, AVA)

Bio Plus
(211, AVP)

PDS(fr) PDS(en)

Black Dye
(R280, AVP)

PDS(fr) PDS(en)

Black Super Twister Cleaning Gun
(C10120, AVA)

Blue Microfiber Glass Towels
(B20207, AVA)

Blue Microfiber Towels
(B20203, AVA)

Blue Nano Buff Wash Mitt
(B60404, AVA)

Blue/White Trigger Sprayer
(B10101, AVA)

(300, AVP)

PDS(fr) PDS(en)

Car Duster
(B40312, AVA)

Carbon Grey Dye
(R274, AVP)

PDS(fr) PDS(en)

Carpet Adhesive Film
(D10775, AVA)

Carpet Film Dispenser
(D10776, AVA)

Chamois Wringer
(C10509, AVA)

Charcoal Grey Dye
(R278, AVP)

PDS(fr) PDS(en)

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