About Us

We create better solutions. Products and systems for vehicle detailing.

The Auto Valet range is more than high-quality detailing products chosen by thousands of dealerships, detailers, and maintenance shops every day.

Available across Canada, we aim to help you choose the most profitable, relevant, and effective products you need for a successful business — and then teach you how to use them to transform your operation. We offer tangible support throughout the process.

As a result, your employees are empowered with the tools and knowledge needed to provide an exceptional detailing service while keeping costs down. Plus, you will benefit from a complete line of trusted products. The Auto Valet range can keep up with the demands that consumer and commercial vehicles face, on and off road.

What makes Auto Valet unique?

What sets us apart from other detailing product manufacturers? There is more to Auto Valet than supplying a range of products.

We are focused on providing valuable, personalized support. 
When you introduce any new system or method, it can feel frustrating to implement. Making sure employees understand how to use new tools and products is often a learning curve, costing time and money.
Auto Valet takes a unique approach to training. We provide support and training, online and in-person, to teach you which products will help you make a profit, offer the best services to your customers, and how to use products safely and efficiently.

Our products are constantly improving. 
We recognize that a finished product is not the end of the journey. We are constantly looking for ways to improve the quality and usability of our full-line products, so they offer the best performance for you and your employees. 
Better products are safer, more reliable, and more profitable.

We are dedicated to helping you increase your profits.
Bringing new products into your business or replacing your current system can feel daunting, especially if you are unsure if these kinds of investments will pay off in the long run. We work with our distributors to help you increase profits in your business without cutting quality.
This includes helping your employees understand how to use our system efficiently to prevent waste and educating your customers on the value of high-quality detailing.

What do Auto Valet’s values mean for you in practice?

We are transforming businesses into profitable, efficient, and successful detailing operations using quality products that are straightforward to use. 

We combine our passion and expertise with our full range of interior and exterior detailing products, then provide hands-on training to empower your employees to deliver an exceptional service.

In practice, this means higher productivity, using the most relevant products in the most effective way, and repeat business because your customers will love the end result, they get from confident, trained employees.

Support from Auto Valet.

We are passionate about providing your business with what you need to succeed in vehicle detailing. That is why we have a straightforward approach to helping you implement the tools and products you need.

Identify your specific business needs.
From the beginning, we understand your current business and specifically identify what you need to succeed. We work with you to help figure out your pain points and how our Auto Valet products can help you achieve your business goals. 
A framework is designed, aligning with your overall business targets, and includes detailing bay improvements and training your employees.

Create a blueprint for success.
Once you are clear on your needs and goals, we set you up with everything you need and provide a blueprint for success. That means all of the tools, products, accessories, and training you need to operate safely. 
Additionally, continual support is provided through a designated distributor.

Support and training, now and in the future.
Training and ongoing support from your distributor is available to you, in-person and online. 
Empower your employees with tangible training and tools to help deliver the best possible results. Our distributors keep you up-to-date with improvements and changes. Plus, they will continue to work with you to help keep your business thriving and profitable.


Holding in esteem and having consideration for each other, our customers, suppliers and all other stakeholders in their time, values, property and feelings.


Finding the most efficient way to move forward and produce the intended result without compromising integrity and resources.


A burning drive and desire inside us, that draws on our personal resourcefulness and experience to problem solve and improve through innovation and out of the box solutions.


A passionate group working together as an effective team, for the best of the whole, to create greater results than we can individually.


Who is Auto Valet?

Before Auto Valet began, there was not a clear or effective enough vehicle detailing system available to businesses that wanted to grow and be profitable. Nor was there the personal, hands-on approach to training employees for using those systems to achieve fantastic results, while keeping costs down. 

Auto Valet was born from a passion for changing vehicle detailing systems and products. We are a third-generation company, proudly owned and operated in Canada, providing our full-line products and personalized training across the country. Our professional-grade detailing products have been sprayed, buffed, and brushed into thousands of trucks, buses, and cars across Canada.

What is more, we manufacture, test, and improve our formulas ourselves to always ensure that only the best quality, relevant products are available to you.

We are owned by Leysons Products, a family-run industry leader in automotive product formulation since 1981.