Formulated using advanced polymer technology, AQUA SHIELD effortlessly restores rubber, vinyl, and plastic trim by strengthening, sealing, and shielding. The performance of AQUA SHIELD is parallel with its qualities; as a water-based dressing, AQUA SHIELD is environmentally friendly and V.O.C. compliant. Designed to provide a high gloss appearance. Non-flammable, ideal for safe use on the vehicle engine compartment. Desirable fresh fruity fragrance.



3.78 L / 1 US GAL
18.9 L / 5 US GAL
208.2 L / 55 US GAL
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APPEARANCE: Opaque blue liquid.
ODOUR: Fresh fruit.
PH: ~9.0
SOLUBILITY: Dispersible.
VISCOSITY: 300-500 cps


  • Use on rubber, vinyl, and plastic trim to restore, seal, and protect
  • Simple to apply and provides a high gloss appearance
  • Non-flammable; ideal for safe use on engine compartments
  • Emits a fresh fruity scent
  • Ready to use, do not dilute


Increase your knowledge and expand your expertise. Discover training series related to this product, to help you produce optimal detailing results, and to keep yourself and others safe.


Introduction to Detailer Training Series Course

When detailing a vehicle, producing results correctly, safely, and effectively is crucial, especially in the professional detailing industry.


Dressings and protectants are liquid products designed to shine and protect vinyl and rubber surfaces; assisting to repel water and resist detergents. A shine agent (e.g., silicone, mineral oil, or glycerin) is delivered to the rubber or vinyl surfaces using a carrier that evaporates once applied. The carriers used for water-based and solvent-based dressings and protectants is what differs. For solvent-based dressings and protectants the carrier is a blend of solvents; while for water-based dressings and protectants the carrier is water.

Solvent based dressings and protectants are typically more durable than water-based dressings and protectants. This is a result of solvents causing the pores of rubber and vinyl to open, enabling the shine agent to penetrate the surface. Shine agents in water-based dressings and protectants remain on the surface, and commonly rinse off more readily. Due to Auto Valet advanced formulation technology the AQUA SHIELD and ENCHANTER ULTIMATE water-based dressings and protectants provide comparable durability to solvent-based dressings.

Solvent based dressings and protectants are best used for vehicle exterior applications such as tires, mouldings, bumpers, vinyl trim, and vinyl tops. Due to flammability, solvent-based dressings and protectants are not to be used to dress engine compartments. If solvent-based dressings and protectants are used for interior applications, care must be taken as repeated applications to surfaces exposed to direct sunlight (i.e., dashboards) can lead to cracking. Solvent based dressings and protectants can stain certain fascia’s, if used incorrectly.

Water based dressings and protectants can be used for both interior and exterior applications; and are most commonly used for interior applications over solvent-based products. Use water-based dressings and protectants on areas that are made with rubber, vinyl, leather, and wood (includes engine compartments).

Preclean the areas of application to ensure dust, dirt, and grime is removed. Use a cleaner degreaser, such as PURPLE POWER, at the correct dilution ratio to best remove all surface contaminants.

There are currently four (4) Auto Valet water based dressings and protectants available. All water based dressings and protectants are ideal for use in engine compartments and vehicle interiors.

  • AQUA SHIELD: an environmentally friendly, V.O.C. compliant, water and silicone dressing that produces a high gloss finish.
  • ENCHANTER ULTIMATE: a water and silicone dressing that produces a high gloss finish.
  • ULTRA SHIELD: a water and silicone dressing that produces a matt, mid gloss finish.
  • SAFETY SHINE: a water and non-silicone dressing that produces a medium glossy finish. Ideal for body shop applications.

The only water based dressing and protectant that is body shop safe is SAFETY SHINE. All other water based dressings and protectants; AQUA SHIELD, ENCHANTER ULTIMATE, and ULTRA SHIELD; are not body shop safe as they contain silicone.

Direction Of Use

  1. Thoroughly clean and dry the areas of application.
  2. Apply AQUA SHIELD, evenly, with either a trigger sprayer, tank sprayer, dedicated soft cloth applicator, or a tire dressing applicator of choice.
  3. Allow AQUA SHIELD to dry.
Precaution: AQUA SHIELD may make surfaces slippery. Do not apply to seats, steering wheel or foot controls. Do not mix with other chemicals. Do not store AQUA SHIELD in direct sunlight. Keep from freezing; store at temperatures above 15 °C. May transfer colour to porous fabrics.


  • Ready to Use
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Not Body Shop Safe
  • V.O.C. Compliant
  • Electric/Hybrid Vehicle Friendly
  • Water Based
  • Contains Silicone