FLAME is an aggressive acid-based wheel cleaner, eliminating the need for brushing or scrubbing. FLAME easily penetrates and lifts off brake dust and other road film deposits. When rinsed, the wheel is left clean, bright and streak-free. Not recommended for use on certain alloys.



3.78 L / 1 US GAL
18.9 L / 5 US GAL
208.2 L / 55 US GAL
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APPEARANCE: Clear red liquid.
ODOUR: Strong acidic odour.
PH: ~ 3.0
SOLUBILITY: Completely water soluble.
VISCOSITY: Water thin.


  • Aggressive acid-based wheel cleaner that delivers for the toughest applications
  • Eliminates the need to scrub or brush the rims
  • Easily penetrates and lifts off brake dust and other road film deposits
  • Dilute to correct strength for wheel rim type
  • Concentrated formula reduces usage costs


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When detailing a vehicle, producing results correctly, safely, and effectively is crucial, especially in the professional detailing industry.


Tailpipes (exhaust tips) are susceptible to carbon build-up, further to the typical dirt and grime accumulated. Carbon is emitted from engines’ internal combustion and is solidified and baked onto the tailpipes due to the heat generated, leaving a black ring around the edge. To remove the carbon, begin with a rim cleaner such as BRILLIANT, FLAME, or RIM CLEANER. Use steel wool to agitate the cleaner, by hand. Follow with SUMMIT SUPER COMPOUND, either by hand or using a rim cone on a rotary polisher, depending on the space available around the tailpipe(s).

There are currently three (3) Auto Valet rim cleaners available.
  1. BRILLIANT: a robust and highly effective rim cleaner, that is non-corrosive, low odour, and biodegradable. Works well for overall applications and for removing rim yellowing.
  2. RIM CLEANER: a powerful, well-rounded OEM approved rim cleaner. Works well for overall applications.
  3. FLAME: An aggressive acid-based rim cleaner that delivers for the toughest applications. Emits a strong acidic odour.

Yes. All of Auto Valet’s rim cleaners are body shop safe. This includes BRILLIANT, FLAME, and RIM CLEANER.

Rim cleaners are formulated to be acidic as brake dust that attaches itself to wheel rims during the braking process, contains metallic particles. These metallic particles are more soluble in acidic solutions than alkali based cleaners. Surfactants used in rim cleaners are especially selected to remove iron oxide (rust), grease, lubricants and old residual tire dressings. The rim cleaner BRILLIANT is formulated to retain its acidity but is not corrosive to human skin, unlike other rim cleaners that are corrosive.

Similar to cleaning rims, tailpipes require a specific acid solution (rim cleaners) to solubilize and remove carbon. Rim cleaners are effective on tailpipes that are light to medium coated with carbon. If tailpipes are heavily coated, use a compound to remove the baked-on carbon.

Direction Of Use

  1. Wet down wheel and surrounding painted surfaces with water.
  2. Apply FLAME at correct dilution for wheel rim type.
  3. Do not allow FLAME to dwell on the wheel rim for more than one minute.
  4. Rinse the wheel rim with copious amounts of water, preferably using a pressure washer. Ensure to rinse surrounding painted surfaces.
Tips: Clean one wheel rim at a time.

Wire Wheel Rims - dilute 500 mL FLAME per 1 L water (1:2)
Light Aluminum and Alloy Wheel Rims - dilute 330 mL FLAME per 1 L water (1:3)

Precaution: Test FLAME in an inconspicuous area, before applying, to ensure compatibility with material. Do not use in direct sunlight.  Do not use on heated surfaces. Do not mix with other chemicals. Keep from freezing.


  • Concentrated
  • Body Shop Safe
  • Electric/Hybrid Vehicle Friendly
  • Water Based
  • Silicone Free