The Drum and Keg Transfer Pump is chemical resistant, easy to use, and reliable. Constructed from durable polypropylene and polyethylene, the Drum and Keg Transfer Pump safely pumps acids, alkalis, water-based tire dressings, viscous vehicle wash soaps, and water-based degreasers. Simply transfers liquids and empties all the contents from the container, delivering on both the up and down stroke. Requires the use of only two fingers on the handle to pump. Does not leak. Easy to clean after use. Do not use this pump with petroleum-based products. To safely pump petroleum-based products, such as solvent-based degreasers and dressings, use the Metal Solvent Drum Pump.


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  • Output per stroke is 400 mL/15 oz.
  • Fits both drum (208.2 L/55 US gal) and keg (56.8 L/15 US gal) container sizes.
  • Maximum depth neck to container bottom is 930 mm/36 inches.
  • Width of case pipe is 41 mm/1 ½ inches.
  • Width of spout is 20 mm (fits a 25 mm/1 inch diameter extender hose).
  • Length of spout is 160 mm/6 inches.