The Multi-Product Detailing Station promotes a safer working environment and assists in the compliance of the Ministry of Labour requirements. By keeping an organized workspace, products can easily be accessed at the correct dilution ratios, arranged to save time while detailing, and overall prevent costly mistakes in the detailing process. Get organized with the Multi-Product Detailing Station, and boost your safety and efficiency.


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Increase your knowledge and expand your expertise. Discover training series related to this product, to help you produce optimal detailing results, and to keep yourself and others safe.


Introduction to Detailer Training Series Course

When detailing a vehicle, producing results correctly, safely, and effectively is crucial, especially in the professional detailing industry.


  • Bottom shelf. Holds three (3) cubes (18.9 L / 5 US GAL size) of concentrated products for use through the proportioners.
  • Middle shelf. Holds three (3) cubes (18.9 L / 5 US GAL size) of product to dispense into dedicated sprayer bottles.
  • Three side shelves. Each shelf holds four (4) sprayer tower bottles – total capacity of twelve (12) bottles.
  • Swivel castor wheels. Contains four (4), 3” swivel castor wheels that rotate 360° for easy station mobility. Two (2) castors include locking brakes.
  • Built-in shelf. A shelf, designed for storing the detailing station user manual, is built-in above the proportioner.
  • Rust protection. Painted with a special powder coating and e-coat finish that provides maximum rust protection.
  • Three-product proportioner. Includes a three-product proportioner to provide consistent product dilutions and enable correct product strength.