CRYSTAL FOAM is a unique foaming shampoo designed for use on carpets and upholstery using either: a rotary scrub, dry foam, or bonnet buff method. CRYSTAL FOAM develops a rich lather, which lifts and encapsulates soils and prevents re-depositing. The residual foam dries to a brittle crystal, which vacuums out easily. Soft on velours. Pleasantly scented. Easy to use by hand.



539 G / 19 OZ
539 G / 19 OZ
3.78 L / 1 US GAL
18.9 L / 5 US GAL
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APPEARANCE: Clear liquid.
ODOUR: Mint.
PH: ~ 9.5
SOLUBILITY: Completely water soluble.
VISCOSITY: Water thin.


  • Apply to carpet and upholstery using either a rotary scrub, dry foam, or bonnet buff method
  • Lifts and encapsulates soils and prevents re-depositing
  • Residual foam dries to a brittle crystal and easily vacuums off
  • Easy to use by hand
  • Soft on velours
  • Concentrated formula reduces usage costs (non-aerosol container sizes)
  • Available in ready to use, aerosol, container size


Increase your knowledge and expand your expertise. Discover training series related to this product, to help you produce optimal detailing results, and to keep yourself and others safe.


Introduction to Detailer Training Series Course

When detailing a vehicle, producing results correctly, safely, and effectively is crucial, especially in the professional detailing industry.


Carpet extraction detergent, using X-TRACT, is applied in a carpet extractor machine. Upholstery shampoo, using CRYSTAL FOAM, is whipped into a dense foam, applied using a soft brush, allowed to dry, and then vacuumed off from the area of application. Both methods effectively clean a vehicle’s interior carpets and upholstery. The method best, for you, can be determined based on the equipment you have available.

Vehicle’s interior carpet and upholstery surfaces can effectively be cleaned without a carpet extractor machine using CRYSTAL FOAM. CRYSTAL FOAM is an upholstery shampoo that can be applied by hand, using either a rotary scrub, bonnet buff, or dry foam method.

CRYSTAL FOAM aerosols are available in two options; regular and inverted. The options showcase the nozzle usage. For the regular aerosol nozzle, use the aerosol with the nozzle upright, at the top of the aerosol container. The regular nozzle is best used for the back of seats and headliners. For the inverted aerosol nozzle, use the aerosol with the nozzle upside, at the bottom of the aerosol container. The inverted aerosol nozzle is best used for carpets, where the aerosol is used upside down.

There are three main application methods for CRYSTAL FOAM. (1) Rotary scrub: uses a shower feed shampoo brush, to feed CRYSTAL FOAM through, attached to a rotary machine. (2) Dry foam: uses little to no water when applying and relies on the foaminess of the product to lift and encapsulate soils. (3) Bonnet buff: involves a rotary carpet machine with a cleaning pad soaked in cleaning solution; by moving it across the carpet, it agitates and absorbs the dirt into the cleaning pad.

Use CRYSTAL FOAM, an upholstery shampoo, along with a soft scrub brush to clean either a cloth or fabric convertible roof.

Direction Of Use

  1. Dilute 70 mL of CRYSTAL FOAM per 1 L of water (1:15).
  2. Whip the diluted CRYSTAL FOAM into a dense foam.
  3. Using a soft brush, transfer the foam to upholstery or carpet, and scrub gently.
  4. If a wet vacuum is available, use it to remove residue.
  5. Allow CRYSTAL FOAM to dry. 6. Vacuum dried CRYSTAL FOAM from the treated area.

Aerosol Directions:
  1. Shake can.
  2. Hold the can 15 cm (6”) away from the area of application. Apply to an area of 60 cm (24”) at a time.
  3. Brush the area of application briskly.
  4. Wipe with a clean, dry towel.
Tips: For heavily soiled areas, retreat areas, repeating steps 1 through 4.

Precaution: Test all fabrics in an inconspicuous area for colour fastness. Do not mix with other chemicals. Keep from freezing.


  • Concentrated
  • Ready to Use Aerosol
  • Option Body Shop safe
  • V.O.C. Compliant
  • Electric/Hybrid Vehicle Friendly
  • Water Based
  • Silicone Free