The Yellow Nano Buff Wash Mitt is a professional alternative to clay bars. With advanced rubber polymer technology, it safely and easily removes paint overspray, water spots, rail dust and other bonded surface contaminants from the surface of automotive paint, glass, mouldings and plastic. The Yellow Nano Buff Wash Mitt can be cleaned by simply rinsing off the accumulated contaminants with water, even if dropped onto the ground. Glides easily, allowing for sturdy and controlled handling, unlike clay bars where constant reshaping is required.


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Introduction to Detailer Training Series Course

When detailing a vehicle, producing results correctly, safely, and effectively is crucial, especially in the professional detailing industry.


(1) Fallout. Refers to minute iron particles, sometimes hot, of rail dust and smoke stack fly ash caused by friction between train wheels and track. Fallout takes effect to the vehicle either during transportation by rail car or truck, or when stationary in a heavily contaminated area. (2) Brake dust. Composed of metallic iron particles, brake dust is a dark-coloured residue caused by the grinding of iron and brake pads, and takes place when braking occurs. (3) Metal oxides. When chemicals in a vehicle’s exterior painted surface break down, the underlying metal is exposed to oxygen and causes metal oxides.

Both fallout and brake dust produce minute metallic iron particles that become embedded in the vehicle’s exterior painted surface and form a bond with the metallic substrate underneath. Metal oxides, formed when the vehicle’s exterior painted surface breaks down, begins to corrode.

Fallout, brake dust, and metal oxides typically rust and discolour the paint, affect the smooth surface texture, and are easily noticed on vehicles with white paint.

Removal of these metallic iron particles is accomplished by using KNOCK OUT. KNOCK OUT is a cleaner formulated using organic acids that dissolve the metallic particles, enabling complete, safe removal. The YELLOW NANO BUFF WASH MITT, BLUE NANO BUFF WASH MITT, GREY CLAY BAR, and PURPLE CLAY BAR are also effective at removing surface contaminants; however, are not recommended for medium to heavy applications, where metallic iron particles are embedded into the painted surfaces.

Direction Of Use

  1. Begin by removing any tar or grease from the surfaces being treated as the Yellow Nano Buff Wash Mitt is not solvent resistant.
  2. Wash the vehicle with a vehicle wash soap and rinse with
  3. water, cleaning away any dirt or road lm.
  4. Spray PARADE (as the lubricant) on the surfaces to be treated. Begin with the roof and move downwards to the hood, trunk and sides. Use light pressure to remove the surface contaminants.
  5. Rinse with clean water.
  6. Dry with a clean, soft towel.
Before First Use: The Yellow Nano Buff Wash Mitt has a protective seal, which requires removing before first use. To prepare the Yellow Nano Buff Wash Mitt before first use, dampen the mitt with PARADE. Then moisten a portion of window glass or another clean glass surface. Rub the Yellow Nano Buff Wash Mitt in a circular motion against the glass for 30-60 seconds. A white soapy foam will appear; this is the protective seal being removed.

Tips: It is crucial to apply sufficient lubrication to the Yellow Nano Buff Wash Mitt application area. We suggest using PARADE as it is designed to provide optimal lubrication while preventing paint damage. Water is not an adequate lubricant.

Precaution: Use only on clean, cool paint and out of direct sunlight. Only use the Yellow Nano Buff Wash Mitt when the polymerized rubber is soft and slightly tacky. Cold temperatures may stiffen the pad. Use the Yellow Nano Buff Wash Mitt on surfaces above 10°C (50°F). Do not work on surfaces over 62°C (144°F). Always remember that there is a significant difference between the Yellow Nano Buff Wash Mitt and Clay Bars.